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Hey y’all. Welcome to Legal Belle: the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Law School. My name is Sarah and I am a first year law student at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Law (or Pitt Law for short.) I grew up in South Alabama (Hence the y’all…don’t worry, I’m told my southern “isms” are endearing. Usually.) I lived in Connecticut briefly when I turned 20, then moved to Virginia Beach to finish my undergraduate degree in Political Science at Virginia Wesleyan University. Literally started from the bottom now we here. (:

I started this blog because, well……life and law school are hard. Like, really hard. And sometimes you just need to vent about it. AND….often I have wished I could read more about it, you know. I wanted to hear from others about their experiences in law school and the things you can’t get from an orientation program like how do you keep your relationship alive when you’re in law school in another state? How do you know when you’re at a normal level (which is a pretty high level) of law school stressed or more of a I need to go see a specialist level depressed? What about your social life, section drama, and the fact that every law school event ever is flooded with alcohol?

When I started law school last fall I wanted to hear about all of these things, but there just wasn’t a lot of info out there. I didn’t see a lot of lifestyle blogs focused on law school students, and especially not ones written by female bloggers. (Yeah, there’s a whole different side to the legal world if you’re female, and additional obstacles to face.)

So, I decided to share my life and adventures in law school. Some posts will be informative tips and tricks, some just narrations of my law school shenanigans, maybe my opinion on the legal and political happenings of the world, and sometimes just cool stuff I found on the internet that day. Oh, and my partner is still in Virginia Beach, finishing his contract term in the Navy. So you’ll also glimpse some tips on law schooling while long distance. (Sneak peak: it’s pretty tough quite often.) There’s something on this blog for everyone, whether you’re in law school or not. I also tend to be really funny sometimes. (I’m not just boosting myself, I swear.) So if nothing else, stay tuned because I’m low-key (maybe high-key) hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I’m excited to share my life in law school with all y’all! (yeah, I said “all y’all”. That’s what I meant.) Feel free to hit me up on the contact page with any thoughts, comments, questions, or suggestions.

XOXO-Legal Belle

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