Wait, I’m in Germany Now?

Guten Tag,

Hey y’all. I realize I’ve been a little slow on the updates, so I wanted to fill ya in on where I’m at now. I completed the first two weeks of my internship in Kosovo, then flew to Germany to complete my international economic law study away program. I’m earning 6 credits in 6 weeks, and honestly sometimes the class time is overwhelming. But, so far, I really really love it. I will say that taking venture capital law has made me reconsider a life in law and instead consider a shift from corporate transaction law  into venture capital or investment banking…….that’s where the real $$$ is. We’ll see I suppose.

Anyways. I am in Germany starting week 4 of my 6 week program. I am taking: European and World Trade Organization Law, Venture Capital Law, German and European Company Law, International Investment Law, and Law and Economics. I love all of my classes so far, and I’d be happy to share some fun facts if you’re interested. You’re probably not interested but I’m high key a nerd about law and economics and I love to chat about it. In fact, my best friend who’s currently in Florida right now was kind enough to help explain capital increases to me at 6:30 A.M. his time because I got out of class at 12:30 and needed to talk through my notes. Thanks fam! (Get you a bestie like that, y’all!)

Shifting gears away from the academic side of my time in Germany…..I’m in the Bavarian region of Germany attending the University of Augsburg and it is beautiful. MY neighborhood is extremely cute, and looks exactly like a Disney movie set in an old Dutch town. Funnily enough, much of Bavaria actually looks a lot like my hometown in Alabama. There are tons and tons of rolling green fields and farm equipment and long winding roads. Augsburg is the opposite of urban Berlin; there’s green space everywhere here and even walking through the city downtown you’ll find children at the edge of ponds feeding the ducks. It’s definitely a nice change of pace from the urban center of Pristina in Kosovo. I’ll try and do a better job of taking pictures here in Augsburg and will be adding those soon.

Food is different here than in Kosovo….and both are different than in the U.S. I think the Greek yogurt is fantastic in Kosovo, and that the chocolate and bakery items in Germany are divine. But to be honest….I don’t really think the food is better here than in the U.S. Everything tastes slightly different. It’s hard to explain, but even American food doesn’t taste like American food in Germany or in Kosovo. Granted, I haven’t made a huge effort to seek out Bavarian food because I’ve been saving money. My professor from undergrad was kind enough to take me to a real German restaurant in Berlin, though, and I thought that food was delicious. We ordered a sampler platter and split it:

It included: mini sausages, thick hollow noodles grilled and filled with cheese, a thinner noodle covered with with a cheesy sauce, and a mix of lentils and seasoning. It was all served with a side of spicy mustard and a mushroom cream sauce (both of which were AMAZING)

So, I did think this meal was pretty delicious, but that has been the exception.  Any Germans/travelers to Germany have any recommendations for me to enjoy the culinary experience of Germany more? Maybe foods to buy and cook myself? Tips would be much appreciated.

I ALSO JUST GOT BACK FROM MY VISIT TO LONDON THIS WEEKEND! I’m still excited. (In case the caps didn’t hip you to my excitement.) Look out for my posts about that soon. I’m absolutely in love with London.

Lastly, one of my other best friends will be coming to visit me in July, and he will definitely make me take lots of pictures. We’ll be sightseeing here around Augsburg, going to see a Bavarian castle and also spending some time in Zurich, Switzerland. Stay tuned for those stories.

As always, feel free to leave questions/comments/suggestions below.


X0X0-Legal Belle

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